LaTeX/Omega Packages for Malayalam

Please download the latest versions from Here. team have decided to pull the plug on the server and stop all services from Jan 01 2014. Here are  the package files (well, latest versions) that were available from the Malayalam-TeX project page at

LaTeX for Malayalam

 Omega for Malayalam

Fonts from ILDC CD-ROM

I will be adding detailed description and updated documentation in the coming weeks.

4 Replies to “LaTeX/Omega Packages for Malayalam”

  1. Hi Alex,
    on the TeX Live mailing list recently someone asked about why these files are not in TeX Live.

    If these files are TeX Live compatible (free license), you might think about uploading them to CTAN so that they can find there way into TeX Live?

    I can also help with integration and fixing up for TeX Live.

    All the best


  2. Dear Mr. Norbert,

    These files are actually in CTAN in the location “tex-archive/macros/omega/latex/contrib/malayalam-omega”. I haven’t done any work on this package after 2007. Please check the
    files and mail me (alex *at* if anything needs to be changed.


  3. Hi Alex

    I don’t know whether this has been reported earlier.

    mal produced the following error message when processing a .mm file with \%.

    Internal error: unknown action.

    It appears that mal is unable to handle \%. Any solutions?

    Thanks for producing the malyalam package, and regards.

    V N Krishnachanran

  4. on Ubuntu 18.04.
    mal : Command not found
    It is a standard installation.
    Please help

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